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Posted on 2009.08.06 at 11:46
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So its been a long hot second since I posted last. And so much has been going on. I know I say I usually don't post unless im un happy. But my lack of posting lately hasnt been because Ive been happy, i just havent been having the time.

I work 50 hours a week in Federal way, and I live in Issaquah. Commute sucks, it will get better once training is over. 3 more weeks!. Ugh. That doesnt include hour lunch hours there so really Im there 55 hours a week. One positive is im making some friends. :)

Ive been working so hard at getting my shit together. Deliliah and I are engaged, we are going to be moving in November to Kent.

Deliliah has been going through so much and I feel awful. Her niece is moving tonight. Her mother is taking her to Texas. Deliliah is devistated, I would be too! They are really close.

So all that stuff going on with my dad got a little worse. He was released from jail and not even a week later (about) he gets into a huge accident on I-5 heading north from Seattle. He wrecks into two cars. He was drunk driving. There was broken glass, and alcohol bottles everywhere in the car. My dad was taken to the hospital while in custody. He is lucky he didnt hurt anyone in any of the other two cars. He totalled my brothers truck though, and he got injured. I asked him if he learned his lesson. I hope so. So thats that.

So long story short, my car is gone. It left me this morning at 3am. I dont want to talk about it.

Im screwed. Not sure how I am going to be getting to work. I bus routed it out and Ill be 26 minutes late each day. Idk if they are going to be willing to work with me with it or not. *shrugs* idk. If it does I have to wake up at 5am to leave at 5:30am then when I get off work I will bus it home and get home at 8:40pm... loong day.

I am really hungry right now, I got all excited thinking about going and getting a safeway sandwitch to go with my cheetos, but I rememberd I do not have my car.

I am devistated.

Ive been planning for the wedding.... I realized how sad I find it that I have started depending on complete strangers to help me plan this. I dont have my family or anything. . . But I am greatful for them, Maybe I will come out with some good friends in the end. . .

Everything was going so well. It was all supposed to be down hill from here.


Sailor Tweek
sailortweek at 2009-08-06 19:18 (UTC) (Link)
I had my wedding last year and my best firend had hers 2 years ago. We both had our "dream wedding"...her's was super cheap at a state park and mine was pricy at a convention center. One big thing we had in common: we were both married by our gay friends! If you need any help or advice, I can try to give some ^_^

You car is "gone". Talk to your work about it and maybe they can re-adjust your schedule...espeically if it's gone by no fault of your own.

*internet HUGS from a stranger!*
orchidsofdove at 2009-08-08 22:12 (UTC) (Link)
Hey Girly, thanks for the comment! You know, I really do need all the advice I can get..... I think my biggest thing right now is trying to find a location to have it at. I thought itd be nice (and cheap) to do it out doors, but since its in February I am not so how much that will work...
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