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scary lesbian

So long. In december.

Posted on 2009.12.14 at 17:29
Current Location: Kent, WA
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Its been quite awhile since I have written. I feel like ive started many of my blogs with this statement. . . I used to blog so much. I love writing. I don't know what happened. I haven't even written in my Lj. *sigh*

Life has changed so much. I am working in Burien, back pretty much where Joe and I used to live. It is so odd being back in that area, but I love my job. I'm still working as a Caregiver for the DD. I am finding though, that at this job they do not follow procedures and standards as VOA did so accurately.

Deliliah and I are living together with our roommate Armida, in Kent. I enjoy the apartment a lot, I find it quite nice, and homey. Though Deliliah is not happy here because She says she cannot view it as home with Armida here (because she cannot stand her). I find it frustrating. Then I feel like I cannot even say anything about it because then she is like "UGH! I'm just going to keep my effing mouth shut from now on", then I'M not the one listening to HER. WTH?!

I just want a home. I have one and I am grateful. I just want to be able to share that with her, and she isn't letting me. I pretty much moved out here to be with her, but now its getting annoying that she is not even comfortable here. I could be back in the North end with my family, whom I miss a ton. But I love her. I just wish she wouldn't be so damn stubborn. But that's who she is.

Ive pretty much ditched Myspace for Facebook. I feel like I have to sensor everything on FB now though because I have so many individuals from Deliliah's family adding me, and old church friends....

My cat BroBro went missing for a few weeks and he just came home a few days ago. I am happy about that. Him and LittleMan are happy to have each other again.

Payday is coming soon and I cannot wait because then I get to do my Christmas shopping. Annnd grocery shopping, because we have ZERO groceries... And get a digital camera so that I can get picks of the new apartment, my christmas tree, and my family.

I kinda feel like I am in this Christmas alone. Deliliah never really celebrated, and Armida thinks all my decorations and stuff are silly.

Im not going to lie. Sometimes I wish it was just me and my cat, in a little apartment, with my REAL christmas tree, in Everett surrounded by MY family.

I am probably going to get scheduled for xmas eve, and if I do and they wont let Kendra work it (Kendra said she would take my shift for me), or Kendra is already working it, I am going to call in, because family is important to me, and getting to go see my family for the first time in quite a few months is important to me.

My Dad's birthday was on the 11th of December. I have not been able to get a hold of him. He is dying. Drinking himself to death. Going back in forth with our step mom Kat who has gone back to shooting up apparently. I am glad that I have separated myself from all of that Drama, but I feel overwhelmingly sad. Sad that I did not get to wish my dad a happy birthday, sad that I am not around my family as much as I would like.

Anyhow, i am going to get back to doing absolutely nothing.

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