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My Icon makes me laugh.

Posted on 2011.03.13 at 15:12
Current Location: United States, Seattle, 4th Ave, 2701-2721
Current Mood: lazylazy
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Pudding. This one is for you Jehn :-) haha

So.. I am back from my long absence from Lj. I always seem to be on again off again with journals. Am I the only one?

I am living in Downtown Seattle now. I looooove it! Being in the middle of everything. Yesterday it was pouring out and we (my fiancée and I) had to make a run to the QFC. On our way back we saw what must have been a scavenger hunt going on. A group of about 6 people ran past us all dressed like 'Wheres Waldo'. As they were passing us they asked us where Gork the Robot was. I had no idea. I assumed it was the robot hanging up in the 5point cafe. You know the one. The one lit up all fluorescent flipping the bird, from ATHF. haha A bit later a team of two jogged past dressed in all black wearing black afro's. lol

Life in Seattle is never dull, that is for shiz.

Someone died in their apartment. Man it was uber creepy. He was dead in his apt for 10 days (he was an older man, and the ME said he died of natural causes). The bio-clean team was here two days ago cleaning up the apartment. He apparently decomposed pretty narly. They are removing all of the flooring and everything because the smell and bodily fluids got into it. ICK. He had a dog (a yorkie?) trapped in there with him. It was so sad. A couple here Charles and Jane from Australia took him in. They said they had to bathe him about 6 times to get the smell out. They then took him to groomers, and is now looking quite handsome. He is doing very well considering what he had just been through. Charles and Jane have an old (HUGE) pit that is getting along well with the new company.

We are getting ready to move to a Studio from our one bedroom. That will give us a chance to save up to move into a sexier place when our lease is up. I don't know what I am going to do with only one DVR. Lame. lol.

OMG my cat Gypsy just scared the living shit outta me. Effin crazy ass cats. ugh.

Dee is super sick :( She is laying next to me passed out. I made her some theraflu tea.

I think thats all for now. :P

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