Orchid in Seattle..

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

8 March 1985
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I am 26 and I feel super old. I do not know where my life has gone. I have lost the spunk that once filled my soul. I am on the search for it.

I currently spend my days sitting in a dark apartment in an oooold brick building right next to the Space Needle and the 5point Cafe. The 5point Cafe smells like musty balls and piss.

I live with my fiancée and our two cats, Gypsy and Little Man. Deliliah and I are to be wed August 2012 (if the world is still around), I first have yet to still get a divorce from my ex.. We have been separated for over 3 yrs now.

I lead a less than interesting life.

Despite my ultra-femme appearance - my affection is reserved for those only of the female gender [delicious].

My family is insane and I come from a long line of crazy people. I am crazy also. But lovable.

Zombies scare the fuck out of me, and i am definitely convinced that they will be what brings this world to an end.

I like inside jokes and heartfelt conversations. I like ice cold corona and lime while chillin on the patio.

I fall in love every day both with people I already know and love, but also with strangers, because humanity is amazing and beautiful. I don't define myself by what I am or what I do, but how I live my life.

I admire people with the courage to create.

I believe the live and active cultures in yogurt are plotting to take over the world.